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Submission + Guidelines

Aim and Scope 

The MedSoc Talk International Undergraduate Journal of Medicine, Disease, and Society is an independent, peer-reviewed, open-access journal that aims to engage students from across the globe in conversation regarding social inequalities and health care, health disparities, the intersection of social determinants of health with communicable (infectious) and noncommunicable (non-infectious) diseases, public/global health, and sociological perspectives of health and illness among other topics in medicine. If  you are unsure if the theme of your submission relates to our journal, do not hesitate to reach out to us at

The intent to submit form is due February 16, 2024. Click Here to Fill Out the Form.

Submissions are due April 19, 2024, and decisions will be released on May 3. The journal will be published during early summer 2024.

SUBMISSION FORM (Due April 19, 2024)


Any questions you have about submission types, manuscript format, timeline, etc. should be answered by this document. If questions still remain, please don't hesitate to email us at


In addition to the submission form, there are also required agreement and acknowledgement forms that you must sign and submit (both attached below). One is the Author Agreement, which everyone must sign regardless of submission type. If there are multiple authors, each author must fill out the author agreement and combine all signed forms into one PDF file. The second is the PI/Mentor Acknowledgement Form and it is only applicable to students conducting research under a PI/mentor. If applicable, this form only needs to be completed once per manuscript. Please read the documents carefully and sign them accordingly. Again, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. 


  • Primary author must be enrolled in an undergraduate institution or in their gap year(s). Other contributors (PIs, mentors, graduate students, post-doctors, lab managers, etc.) should be listed as secondary authors.

  • Principal investigator must sign a form agreeing to the publication of original research.

  • Primary author(s) must be willing to work with peer editors in revising the submission if it is selected or seriously considered for publication. 

  • Author(s) must consent to publication if their manuscript is selected for publication.

  • Authors must respond to inquiries from MedSoc Talk editorial staff in a timely manner.

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