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 Committee Members



*Savannah Buccellato, Instagram+Graphics Committees

My name is Savannah and I’m from Florida. I am currently attending the University of Florida as a biochemistry major and plan to pursue a career as a plastic surgeon. When I’m not studying I enjoy cooking and doing science labs with children. I’m passionate about public health and am super excited to work with this platform to make a difference in the community!


Tarannum Rehal, Outreach Committee

Hi! My name is Tarannum and I am majoring in Chemistry at Ryerson University! I hope to pursue medical school and a successful career in neurosurgery. I am highly passionate about using my voice and platform to make positive changes in our society and advocating for those who don’t have a voice. In my spare time, I love to play with my dog, read books, paint, and visit museums! 

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*Leelah Farrell, Instagram/TikTok Committee

My name is Leelah and I'm from Pennsylvania! I'm a rising senior in high school and plan on pursuing a pre-med track in the fall of 2024. I hope to be successful in pursuing this pathway and become a Neurologist. I am so excited to be a part of MedSoc Talk's team and cannot wait to see what the future holds! 



Rachel Fernandes, Research/Article Committee 

Hi! My name is Rachel, I am a Sixth Form student from London. The human body fascinates me and I love that medicine is the place where cutting-edge research meets improved patient outcomes. When I haven't got my head stuck in A-Level chemistry or biology textbooks, I enjoy doing art, including digital art. I am so excited to be joining the MedSoc Talk team!


*Maha Vijayakrishnan, Research/Article Committee


I am a freshman at PennState's Schreyer Honors College. I currently am majoring in Biology and aspiring to become a doctor. As for my hobbies, I love to paint and photograph! I usually draw inspiration from my long quarantine walks. I am dedicated to contributing towards MedSoc Talk's goals of spreading scientific knowledge to our community. 


Sparhawk Mulder, Outreach Committee

I'm a 17 year old boy from near Boston (Newburyport).

I practice and teach American Kempo Karate and Muay Thai Kickboxing at my local dojo. In my free time I like to play RPGs (video games or tabletop), and read fantasy novels.

Here's a picture of me being taken prisoner by some of my campers for committing heinous war crimes while being a camp counselor last summer.


Isabella Goetschel, Instagram+TikTok Committees


My name is Isabella and I am from California. I plan on becoming a lawyer or something that has to do with human rights and defending the voiceless. Even though I don’t plan on having a career that has to do with medicine or public health, I feel as though it relates to human rights.


Mackenzie Heidkamp, Research/Article Committee


I’m a junior in high school and I have always loved everything science related. I am currently involved in science Olympiad, an environmental group, and an organization that helps families with cancer. I hope to one day become a doctor or get involved with something in the medical field such as research.  


Ashley Brevard, Instagram Committee

I am an incoming freshman in college majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a track in pre-med. My goal is to earn my medical degree and match to a residency in anesthesiology. I am passionate about medicine and working to make the healthcare field more inclusive and accessible. My passions include sports, medicine, engineering, as well as my many hobbies.

Sarah G.jpg

Sarah Golchin, Instagram Committee

My name is Sarah Golchin. I’m a junior at Temple University pursuing a major in biology on the pre med path.


Riya Bhat, Instagram Committee

I am 15 years old and have always had a deep passion for medicine, whether it be with the cutting-edge technology used to save lives or human anatomy. As a future female physician, I hope to inspire others to make a difference in the world, and I am so happy to be a part of the MedSoc Talk as it allows me to do so!


Aakash Anandjiwala, Outreach Committee

Hey everyone, I'm from Coral Springs, Florida and a recent graduate from the University of Florida. I am currently applying to medical school during my gap year and continue to work towards addressing social determinants surrounding healthcare and serving the underserved. 

KRamlakhan Photo.png

Kaitlyn Ramlakhan, Instagram Committee

My name is Kaitlyn Ramlakhan, and I am a sophomore at the University of Miami majoring In Microbiology and Immunology! I enjoy learning about different people, playing the flute, and baking.


Rishi Yalamarty, Outreach Committee

My name is Rishi Yalamarty, and I am a high school senior. I love doing nature, sports and portrait photography. I am also an Eagle Scout and love to go camping, hiking and really anything in the outdoors. I am really passionate about medicine and hope to become a pediatrician in the future.


Abhas Rajhans, Outreach Committee

Hi! My name is Abhas and I am pursuing a degree in neuroscience at UCLA. You can usually find me playing music, cooking up a storm, or binging Netflix till sunrise. I am passionate about medicine because it allows you to empathize with others. By devoting my life to healthcare and service, I want to make a positive change for those I interact with, and that starts with MedSoc Talk. I strongly believe in giving back to our community, and I plan to do so by empowering others with knowledge through informative and unbiased publications.


Sameera Reddymeka, Outreach Committee

My name is Sameera Reddymeka, I am 14 years old, and I am in my freshman year of highschool. I have always had a great passion for medicine and hope to become a Cardiologist one day! In my free time I love to fence, sing, DIY, and play volleyball. I'm so excited to be a part of MedSoc Talk and grow as a medical student!


Annie Kelley, Outreach Committee

Hi! My name is Annie and I am from Rockland, Massachusetts. I am a rising senior at my local high school and an avid member of my school's environmental club, mock trial team, and NHS chapter. Outside of school, I work part time at McDonald’s and enjoy spending my spare time volunteering at my local nursing home. I plan to major in public health and attend medical school, after which I hope to become a surgeon (though I am not entirely sure what specialty). I’m excited to use this platform to advocate for public health and those who are disproportionately affected by the health care system!

Tiffany Image.JPG

Tiffany Adjei Opong, Outreach Committee

My name is Tiffany and I'm from New Jersey. I live with my siblings, my parents, my two cats, and one dog. I fit all the Jersey stereotypes in that I love long walks on the beach, eating bagels, and letting someone fill up my gas for me. I have five siblings including a twin brother who loves to get on my very last nerve. Education, family, my commitments, and hardwork are of utmost importance to me so I always put these first. It is my dream to work as a healthcare professional in New York City while living with my younger sister and best friend.  


Meron Tesfa, Outreach/Research+Article Committees

My name is Meron Tesfa, and I am a rising senior attending high school in Canada. Outside of school, I am a competitive dancer and avid volunteer and participant in my local community. Eager to help others, I frequently volunteer my time to organizations such as the Calgary Public Library and YMCA Math Tutoring Program. After high school, I plan to attend post-secondary in the United States in hopes of becoming a doctor. My favourite subjects include biology and mathematics. A fun fact about me is that I am my school's newly elected student body president for the 2020-2021 school year!


Cindy Johnson, Graphics Committee


I am a freshman at the University of Alabama. I'm currently on the premed track. I'm super excited to be a part of this team!


Jenna Windhorst, Outreach+Research/Article Committees

My name is Jenna Windhorst. I am currently a senior from Illinois. I am a a competitive swimmer and track and field runner. In college I plan to pursue pre-med with a major in Biochemistry. I am determined to become a cardiologist one day.


Tate Fonda, Research/Article Committee


Hello! My name is Tate, I am 17 years old, and I am from New York. It’s a pleasure to be a part of the MedSoc Talk Research and Article committee, as it reflects my passions and interests. In the past year, I’ve found quite joy in transforming my voice into text for others to read. In my freetime, I enjoy writing short stories creatively, along with nonfiction analyses and film reviews. After finishing my collegiate studies, I’d like to study biological sciences and the english language. I believe these subjects provide an interesting reflection of human nature, in a literal and figurative sense. 


Anuhya Banerjee, Research/Article Committee


My name is Anuhya, and I am currently a high school student in California who is highly interested in the STEM fields due to my family, who have all taught me the values of work ethics and teaching! I wish I could call myself an opportunist, but for now I’m hoping to live up to that title and inspire others along the way. 


Tran Luu, Research/Article+Graphics Committees

I'm an incoming freshman at the University of Pittsburgh's Dietrich School of Arts & Science with the intention to major in psychology and minor in German and Vietnamese. My long-term goal would be to go to medical school after undergraduate and become either an OB/GYN or an anesthesiologist. I love to do taekwondo, cook, and watch crime shows/documentaries in my free time! 


Michelle Pansa, Research/Article Committee

Hi, I’m Michelle! I’m 17 years old and a senior in high school from Massachusetts. Ever since I was a child, I loved science and its impact on the world. My goal is to become a Physician Scientist with my everlasting passion and curiosity. In school, I am a varsity runner for Cross Country and Track as well as Math Team Captain. I enjoy learning and helping others in the ways that I can. I hope to inspire and make a difference in the world.


Rohit Paradkar, Research/Article Committee


My name is Rohit and I’m from Newton, Massachusetts and I’m a rising sophomore at Newton South High School. I’m very passionate about writing, medicine, computer programming, and science. In school, I’m a part of the Congressional Debate, Math, and Science teams. My other interests include playing tennis, eating ice cream, and watching tv!


Caroline Schmidt, Research/Article Committee

My name is Caroline, and I am 16 years old. I am a high school junior in Wisconsin. In my free time, I run cross country and track. I also enjoy cooking and skiing. I am very interested in science, health, and medicine.


Maria Guerrero, Research/Article Committee

I am Maria and I am from Kansas. Currently, I am a college student majoring in Medical Microbiology because I aspire to be in the medical field.  When I'm not dying from homework, I am an avid user of TikTok and YouTube. I love to take care of my dog and play Animal Crossing!


Andrea Gutierrez  Research/Article Committee

I am from Austin Texas, but attend Texas Tech University so have lived the last 4 years in Lubbock. I am graduating this August a microbiology major and a chemistry minor. Besides loving science I love learning about cultures and languages. I speak 3 languages, 2 of those which are native to me. I love nature and hiking. I enjoy learning and getting to connect with others through service and community. 


Aleena Dawer, Research/Article Committee


My name is Aleena Dawer, I am 17 years old and just graduated Langley High School a year earlier! During my junior/senior year I took dual credits at the local community college and plan to complete one more year for an associates of science before transferring to university. I plan to go to medical school and am interested in orthopedic & trauma medicine. I am excited to join the team and I look forward to working with you! 

*Active members

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